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The joy of People Analytics

The topic of cognitive, job-related or performance tests or whatever tests to measure the quality or quantity of our behavioral dimensions is so trendy and discussible (at least among HR specialists).
There are a lot of resource which prove or signal that such kind of these tests are not purely valid (for some extent they have functionality though).
In the near-future people analytics tools and theories may fill the gap of reliability and validity (surely not completely..)
But the point is we can measure e.g the persistence (longest attitude, perception or behavior) by the plain data-pool thanks to analytics.
In 2020 ( Tableau Software says) the world will generate 50 times more than the amount of data produced in 2011. So let’s prepare to gauge the persistence or design more valid KPIs to predict and prescribe people.. at least better than the survey-basis tools. But we should avoid falling into the potential trap of (big) data too!

How to design KPIs regarding organization’s culture?

For sure as people analysts (if we claim it) it is our onus to design, develop and run the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) dashboards. But what type of KPIs we can design or execute?
I would like to share with you my 1-year of research experience regarding the themes and ingredients of people analytics…(readable in my personal blog: too)

Let’s get started with culture (as personality of the organization)… and its connection with the engagement…
It is not possible to code the all items of the culture into KPI (as it is complicated, big and so subjective)… but with data-driven approach, we can formulate indicators……